Dating a friend and coworker

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They're also a safe place to land when things get rocky.

So, as you move forward, ask yourself: What impact will getting involved with said colleague have on you professionally and romantically?

Perceptions of favoritism may occur and there's also the potential fallout should things not work out.

He is a director over a team that analyzes sales and I work in a department that is in charge of making sure quality products get produced, so we do not work together but we do work out of the same office.

There’s not a very good chance that he would have recognized me when he was swiping, but his department is one that I’m interested in applying to (and to make this more interesting, a position for a sales analyst has opened up recently). Do I message him and acknowledge the situation and that it’s a bit awkward, or do I let the match expire without contacting him and hope that he doesn’t recognize me when I apply for his team? Online dating has become so ubiquitous that you might indeed see a coworker or client on a dating site or app from time to time.

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