Dating 101 decode her body language

Body language is the quickest form of communication and largely influences how we are perceived by others.

Nothing is more truthful than what our body language conveys.

Hence the saying “the body never lies.” Female body language is no exception.

Learning to read a woman’s body language is almost more important that speaking her language.

If you clock her in at 20 blinks per minute, make sure to man up and channel your inner bad boy.

Women on the pill are drawn more to the tough and rugged look as well as strong, masculine features such as a square, wide jaw line. A man’s energy generally ramps up and his nervous behavior often diffuses while a woman’s energy reduces as her body relaxes and releases her protective judgment system. If she’s feeling uncomfortable in her environment or is stressed about work problems, her breath will be shallow and centralized more in her chest.

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Her body is hardwired to desire the best view of the world when she is stimulated.

This means that biologically, her brain communicates with her irises to allow for more light to enter into her visual field.

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