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I want my users to enter some data into a bound Data Grid View (dgv) and when done to have the program fill in some columns (hidden key) and to populate some cells in the same row according to the data entered - like max of several cells.

Can I use Data Grid View Row Validating to update cells? What would be the correct way for me to fill in hidden key information and to calculate some cell values?

I would like to see something like the Validates On Data Errors property contain an option for On Row Focus Lost or similar meaningful option.

I have looked around but in this case cannot seem to find a way of achieving what I want.

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The underlying bindingsource (and associated currency manager and dataset) have all been updated so I have managed to work around the problem using the following: void Validate Row(object sender, Data Grid View Cell Cancel Event Args e) { Data Grid View tmp DGV = ((Data Grid View)sender); if (Now when the validaterow event fires the first time around the row will be validate, the second time the row validating event fires (when the datagridview contains and invalid index and hence causes an index out of range exception) the handler will not attempt to access the current (now non existent in the datagridview since it does not satisfy the filter criteria) row and the exception does not occur.Could you strip only a part of your code and send it as a small example to allow us looking into this issue?In order to be able to send us your project, you have to open a new support ticket.Hi all, I am having a problem with inserting rows in to my datagridview control.The datagridview is bound to a bindingsource with a filter set.

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