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Similarly, West Cordova Fields Park has organized outdoor events and even Science World (scienceworld.ca) on Quebec Street has presented speed dating in the past.Kris Helen became a freelance writer in 2008 and has never looked back.With more than a decade of experience as a stand-up comedian and a deep understanding of humor’s relationship with the human psyche, Packard puts on a show that no one will soon forget.For more information on the Dating Doctor, visit his Web site at For more information, visit edu/~events for a list of upcoming events at CWU.I use humor to remove the nervousness and unleash the funny underbelly of who we all are.”Best described as a cross between Dr.Phil and Robin Williams, Packard’s humor comes not from formulaic delivery, but the passion and excitement of real-life human interaction.

She has a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Columbia College Hollywood.

This unique show is more like a conversation between Packard and the crowd than a presentation about relationships.

At the same time, he says the things that men have always wanted to say to women, but couldn’t. “I am touching on topics that everybody thinks about, but can't talk about.

Ginger 62 Nightclub (ginger62.com) on Granville Avenue is a venue for tall men and university-educated speed daters by the Fast Life Dating Company.

Mirage Nightclub (themiragenightclub.ca) in the Guildford area is the venue for Flirt Fest, a speed dating event hosted by "Dating Doctor" Daniel Packard.

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