D3 stuck at updating tools zircon radiometric dating

Please go to this post on Microsoft's issue tracker website and click the link indicating you can reproduce this bug. This causes IE 10 to re-render them, and all is good with the world. of course it's recommended to add this patch only on IE 10 If this works for you don't forget to go to the other question and give Christian an upvote I'm not sure if this has been resolved already, but the graph looks almost identical to me in all the browsers I've compared.I don't have IE10, but it looks fine in IE9 and I tested a static copy of the graph on Net Renderer's IE10 and that looked fine too.The marker issue has been documented before and is a serious bug of IE10.Why it also causes the links to disappear, I don't know. It's not the cleanest solution as I've encoded each marker directly in its link's path, but it works.The only difference I could see is that IE didn't show solid arrow heads for some of the links, and that could easily be resolved just by setting the fill styles for those marker types. It's difficult to make suggestions without being able to reproduce the problem, but one thing you might want to try, is setting the path properties directly in the SVG rather than via the CSS.UPDATE: Looking at the images you've added, that's definitely not what I'm seeing in IE9 or Net Renderer's version of IE10. So on the first Here's a codepen example using a static version of the markup.

I start the launcher and it doesn't show anything but the phrase "Updating Tools (0%)" at the bottom with no progress even after having it open all night and the Play button grayed out...

The links displayed correctly in Chrome 26 (this was my sort of control test), but didn't display at all in IE 10 (as expected).

I then edited the javascript which dealt with the creation of the links according to the answer James gave: var path = svg.append("svg:g") .attr("fill", function(d) ) /*new*/ .attr("stroke-width", function(d) ) /*new*/ .attr("stroke", function(d) ) /*new*/ .select All("path") .data(force.links()) .enter().append("svg:path") .attr("class", function(d) ) .attr("marker-end", function(d) ); element, but had no effect on the display of the "live" graph.

This gets the links to show, but any subsequent interaction with the graph disconnects the markers from the ends of the links.

They simply stay in place, and I've found nothing that will get them to re-attach. I know this isn't exactly an answer, and I would have just posted this as a reply to James' answer, but it seems I don't have enough reputation to do that.

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