Consolidating audio

For example, if the clip contains an attribute that the chosen format or preset does not support.Uses the frame size, frame rate, field type, and pixel aspect ratio of the chosen preset and transcodes all clips to these settings.Consolidating is only a way of turning the clip that is within the start and end point (defined in the clip region) into its own file.

When the source cannot be matched, the clip is only copied and not transcoded.You can use this workflow to gather and copy a project’s source media files stored in various locations into a single location for easy sharing.The Project Manager lets you effectively manage media and projects, especially large projects with many clips and different media formats.Again, this can be a great way to solidify a pitch drop or grain size sweep, so that the audio file can then be used elsewhere.This by no way exhausts the possibilities of resampling and consolidating, but hopefully it helps.

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