Chronos days sim dating game ending consolidating high interest rate credit cards

(em1)Emmett (em2)How to unlock Emmett: On day 2, go to the train station(in the past) and choose the answer „Um, sure.

-I'm starting to think that us meeting was a bad thing.

-It's short of girly, but you would look good in it.

-You're talking about the future and this time, right?

(co1)Cole (co2)How to unlock Cole: On day 2, in the past, go to the train station and there you meet Emmett.

On day 10, in the future, you'll see a cutscene where you finally meet Cole. (co3)Info: When you choose what to say to him/answer a guestion, then choose the answers that are not so serious(well, most of the time...). (co4)The correct answers: -Nothing much, what about you?

I made a walkthrough on the unlockable characters in "Chrono Days Sim Date".

At first I idented to make a walkthorugh on all the characters, but...

-You need to be more careful to stop hurting yourself. -Sort of, but the personal values haven't really changed. -He probably attracts a lot of customers to the shop... -Don't be silly, I'm sure that they'll love you a lot. -But if you had good luck we probably wouldn't have met.

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