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Chris Hazelton entered the entertainment world through the film industry working on films such as "End of Days", "The Hurricane", "Thirteen Days" and "Spy Game".

In 2002, Chris produced his first comic online and in print, "Building 12".

People who've known me for a while may remember that 11 years ago today my first child, Avery, came into the world six weeks early today.

But as in the previous attempt, it never hurts to offer some entertaining and well-worth alternatives to some of the shit being churned out by the likes of Marvel Comics or the rubbish being passed off as webcomics found online.

After over fifteen years and nearly 4000 pages a little creative outlet I started for my own sanity comes to an end tomorrow. For the record: No, everything is not ok/fixed. Yes, Ash and Emily are involved in the sequel, but you won't see them for a long time. People who've known me longer than that may also recall that…

I am, of course, referring to my long running comic "Misfile". Way back when there were two other endings planned, one made it to outline stage.

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