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This action is repeated as necessary until legitimate funds can be deposited into the account.Concretely, suppose an individual has in their bank account and no cash, but wishes to purchase an item costing 0.That practice became known as flying a kite, as there was nothing to support the loan besides air.Circular kiting describes forms of kiting in which one or more additional banks serve as the location of float, and involve the use of multiple accounts at different banks.The term "check kiting" first came into use in the 1920s.

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Following the transaction, the kiter deposits the cash received back into his/her bank on the same day in order to provide sufficient funds for other check to clear, while the check written that day will clear one or more business days later.

Here is a list of dos and don’ts when it comes to dating women in the Czech Republic: Once you have asked your Czech girlfriend to marry you, you still need to tell her parents about it when you are having dinner at their place.

It’s a bit like asking for permission in ancient times, and people in the Czech Republic still keep this tradition.

Here is how the fraud is accomplished: The principle of retail kiting is that by giving cash (which is immediately available, and whose deposits clear faster than checks do) in exchange for a check, the retail establishment is providing check-cashing services and taking credit risk on the check – it may be dishonored.

Another version of this scheme involves purchasing an item from a place of retail with a check, and returning it promptly for a cash refund, followed by depositing that cash into the transactional account.

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