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On a commercial-free special episode that aired November 21, 2004, JJ returns home. In the next original episode, JJ becomes a Marine recruiter and suffers from post-traumatic flashbacks. Beth and JJ are married on the January 23, 2005 episode.

Helen becomes involved with a Catholic peace group.

In the season finale on May 18, 2003, Meg and Sam are caught in the summer 1964 race riot in Philadelphia. While on leave, he and Beth are reunited in Hawaii; they break up, but Beth soon learns she is pregnant with JJ's child, and she moves in with the Pryors.

Meg and Sam survive the riots unharmed, but the branch of Jack's store under Henry's management is destroyed. Helen discovers that there might be a possible surgical treatment for Will's paralysis, and the early part of the season deals with Will's medical treatment.

For this act of disloyalty, several members of the police force beat up JJ after a traffic stop.JJ gets recruited for special, somewhat mysterious duty for the US government. As Thanksgiving nears closer, JJ is captured by the Viet Cong.He and his sergeant escape, but are presumed missing in action (the sergeant is later found buried in a shallow grave).A nagging ankle injury curtails his football career, so he enlists in the United States Marine Corps to pay for school.Meanwhile, JJ's on-again, off-again girlfriend Beth chooses to attend the University of Pennsylvania in order to be near JJ.

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