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πŸ“ˆπŸ“ˆπŸ“ˆ Shared some new milestones for us here at @Slack HQ: 8M daily active users, across 500K organizations. Customers ranging in size from Fortune 100 to dairy farms, across the world. This is probably the tightest UI integration I've seen within the @googledrive interface.Getting all your @Slack HQ Drive activity in Drive directly. M31QKk Dz Congrats @Slack HQ, you are the #1 Software product of 2018 according to 7,000 reviews from your customers on @G2Crowd!Dating does not include listings for all dating sites.SECW[Alabama](`81), Georgia(`81-`84), Mid-South/UWF(`84-`87), Cont’l(`86-`88), All Japan(`86), JCP/NWA(`87-`88), WCW(`90-`94), USWA(`95), SMW(`95), CWA(`95), WCW(`96-`01), Indies(`03-`12), WWE(`06-`07)The son of Southeastern territory legend, "Bullet" Bob Armstrong, Brad Armstrong came into wrestling as his dad's career was waning and became one of the better workers of the 80s.He primarily teamed with his father in his early years in Georgia, where he established himself as an exciting youngster and soon became a strong junior heavyweight.

He returned to WCW several times in the 90s with various bad gimmicks and was mainly a exceptional undercard worker.

I will take the opportunity to thank these officers, not only for their service to Australia and Australians in the aftermath of a human tragedy, but also for their personal dedication, leadership and commitment to their fellow human beings.

Dr Brad Armstrong (Australian Embassy in Jakarta) will be awarded the Public Service Medal (PSM) for his work with Indonesian and Australian Police.

Details: β€’ Atlassian is discontinuing Hipchat/Stride β€’ Slack is purchasing the IP to better support those users who choose to migrate β€’ We’re both working closely together to make sure that’s as simple and painless a process as possible …

Belated congrats to @mbrevoort and the Missions team on joining @Slack HQ.

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