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Season of The Biggest Loser, Harper publically came out to be gay in a segment in the show, when talking to a contestant in the show – Bobby Saleem – about the challenges of coming out to his family.

Harper supportively told the contestant that he came out to his family when he was 17 years old.

He has issued a series of fitness DVDs which became popular due to his practical ways to work out and stay healthy.

He also has a website with fitness forums, where people can share their fitness tips and advice.

He fully converted to a vegan lifestyle in 2010, which he publicly shared with his followers.

PETA named him as the “Sexiest Male Vegetarian of the Year” in 2010, admiring his commitment to being a vegan and bringing more public awareness of the benefits of being a vegan.

They have been supportive of him throughout his journey from being a health conscious teenager to a national celebrity fitness guru and a personal trainer.

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He came out as gay to his family when he was 17 years old.He actually stopped following a full vegan diet in 2013, saying that his body required more, but after his cardiac arrest in 2017, he went back to following a plant-based diet for health reasons.He has two dogs – Karl and Vivienne – who accompany him on the regular walks he takes as a way of giving them and himself a good workout.His dog Karl was named after Karl Lagerfeld due to his color.Harper has always had a lifelong love for animals, which was one of the big reasons that he practiced a vegan lifestyle for a long period of time.

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