Blackberry contacts not updating

Sometimes after an i OS update you might check your contacts and be shocked to see more than half of them missing.Don't panic, instead go to "Contacts Groups" and make sure that "All i Cloud" is selected in order to make sure that all of your contacts display correctly.but the contacts seem to be in tact and they are syncing both ways now.I dont know what the corrupt database warning was about though...The Outlook Address book is an excellent choice for a place to backup your contacts.It would definitely be worth your while to update the contacts from your Blackberry to Outlook.If you've made a change to your contacts on one device and they still haven't updated on your i Phone first make sure that you have a proper internet connection, the contacts can't sync unless both devices are connected to the internet.Second, force a refresh by going into "Contacts" on your i Phone and dragging down with your finger from the top of the screen, this will automatically refresh your contacts to reflect any recent changes.

Thanks to the i Phone (i Phone 7) we live in a truly connected world where in we have a device in our pocket that allows us to make phone calls, take pictures and access the internet.

This new functionality will enable you to sync your handheld's built-in address book with your Gmail contacts.

This all happens in the background and over the air, so your information is always up to date, no matter where you are or what you're doing.

For your i Phone go into "Settings i Cloud" and turn off the "Contacts" button, then select "Delete from my i Phone".

As with erasing contacts restoring them from a backup is a little bit complicated.

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