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I recommend Media Encoder to anyone, and I broadcast using it on Twitch and i as Abili TV to both.

I will be glad to show the difference in quality live if you need to see it. i Vlog dot tv: If you see Abili TV in the live section on the front page click it to tune in.

There's also no de-interlacing, chroma key, color or gamma adjustment support. When my toy like goto programs stopped working or have issues.

FFSplit can only resize the source, adjust transparency and adjust volume. I downloaded XSplit and within 3 seconds of it opening I had cmers 1 and camera 2 on the screen as a scene.

_Monitor Capture is similar but captures the window regardless of where it was, this way you can for example capture the whole monitor or a sub-region of the screen.

But the most important capture type by far is _Game capture_, which allows users to record full screen captures of games.

If you want to record 1080p 60fps, this will get you there.I could have some setting wrong in OBS as far as I know. Twitter enter Abili TV to locate my tweets when I go live. I like how there are more varied features for the broadcaster to stand out and represent their character with a theme and face mask.It's also nice to have a more streamlined video encoder for gaming.By clicking in "Sources Window", you can add the type that you need.Windows Capture_, for example, as the name suggests, captures the windows.

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