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And, ironically, it is not as common to find in LA or so cal, where superficiality and a lack of intellectual depth seem to have hampered the creativity and true artistry in many [not all] cases.I guess it's not really ironic, though, b/c 'entertainment' industry doesn't require creativity or artistic talent per se.The US does have several cities with China towns and Japanese influence has been felt, as well.Sometimes you'll hear 'east indian', but it's not as common. 'West Indian' which is Caribbean] And I have lived around the world and in many areas of the US, grew up on the east coast, etc.The monthly art walk at the downtown art galleries attracts singles. Good looking, ambitious women move to Los Angeles and New York.The "49ers" (4s who think they're 9s) migrate to San Francisco and the men are all over them because they really have no choice.[I realize this is the dominant culture speak, so groups may not reference themselves in that way.] That may change in the future, but for now, it is customary to say Asian and think Korea/China/Japan. By a weird quirk of fate, I have a strange dual life: I am a software engineer in San Francisco, and an actor in Los Angeles. Let me tell you, I met more women walking into bars to kill an hour here and there in LA than I have met in YEARS of deliberately going out all night in SF.I just find it funny that you are flustered that people are not categorizing ethnic or racial groups the way you are accustomed, and so therefore they must be 'wrong'. lol And the part that is scientifically studied is quite dynamic and not set in stone. How San Francisco got a reputation for tolerance, I will never understand.

Some forums can only be seen by registered members.As you noted, it does depend on the region from which one comes.In the UK, you have many immigrants, due to colonial heritage, from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. The influence and history, as well as integration into the national psyche, is quite different.Other than the gay thing, this is FAR AND AWAY the least tolerant place I've ever lived, except for the Midwest.If you don't 100% toe the liberal commie treehugger party line, you will NOT meet women up here except for VERY rare surprises. They are also BEYOND SPOILED, and have been brought up to believe that they are being constantly stepped on by men no matter how spoiled they are.

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