Are mickey and minnie mouse dating

These will come in handy to email to experts or appraisers, for insurance purposes or to put the item up for sale.Assess the watch's condition and test it to see if it is working, as this will affect its current valuation.Check general interest sites such as e Bay, but also antique sites (if your watch is older) or specialist watch retailers, such as Bayvender Collectible and Character Watches.Visit a local antique shop or vintage watch repair shop.She studied journalism and psychology at California State University in Northridge.Marcellite Garner has: Played Minnie Mouse in "Wild Waves" in 1929.

When checking Mickey Mouse watch prices on e Bay, use the “completed listings” search filter available for members.This search tells you what items actually sold for recently, rather than just the asking prices.Proceed with caution if you are planning to get your watch fixed or change its band, even if it is worn out.Request a professional appraisal from an experienced, reputable antique watch dealer or appraiser.Get more than one independent appraisal, if possible.

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