Advice dating good high junior need please

Be a thoughtful prom date by keeping your guest informed about what is involved in attending, such as the dress code and any other specific rules that might apply. Check your school requirements for prom before planning out that elaborate promposal for a sweetheart from a different school. Is there someone you already know you want to go to prom with?Thankfully it's the 21st century, so there's no need to wait around for an invitation. Go for simple and sweet, popping the question casually next time you run into each other, or plan an elaborate, personalized surprise for your special someone.If you stop for late-night snacks after the prom, chances are, you will each pay for your own.As a prom guest, you should always be prepared for the unexpected and have spare cash on hand.Just start talking to your special guest about the possibilities early on and let the ideas flow.

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Need some prom dating advice on popping the question? Who pays for prom costs depends upon the circumstances.

Keep in mind that you and your prom date don't need to be twinning to look like a couple.

If you plan on wearing fire-engine red from head to toe, for example, that doesn't automatically mean that your prom date also needs to be sporting fire-engine red from head to toe!

Either way, if you do decide to go to prom with a date, especially one from another school, you must do a little investigation into the school requirements for bringing your special prom guest.

Check out some additional prom dating advice below!

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