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Depending on the extent of your marital property and whether you have children, ignoring a divorce summons in New York can cause big problems you can’t easily undo.

New York law makes it relatively simple for your spouse to go ahead and get a divorce without your cooperation.

If you or your spouse has filed for divorce and you're just counting down the days until the whole ordeal is behind you, keep in mind that you're not officially free until the ink dries on your judgment or decree.

Until the court actually issues an order ending your marriage, you're still married.

There are four kinds of alimony in West Virginia: In many states, the judge decides the amount and duration of alimony by applying the facts of the case to a list of factors written into state law. The West Virginia Legislature has given judges a lot of discretion to make decisions about alimony, and has not restricted them to a specific list of factors that have to be considered.

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The paying spouse is sometimes known as the “obligor,” while the receiving spouse is known as the “obligee.” Judges can alimony to be paid all at once (known as “lump sum alimony”) or in regular, periodic installments (for example, one payment per month).If you or your spouse has committed adultery during your marriage and you’re anticipating a divorce, one of the best things you can do to make this difficult time a little bit easier is to familiarize yourself with your legal rights and responsibilities.This article will explain the possible impact of adultery on on the divorce process in West Virginia and a court will consider adultery when making decisions about alimony.A key limitation is that the alimony award can’t be disproportionate to the paying spouse’s ability to pay, and it shouldn’t exceed the receiving spouse’s level of need. The judge can adjust the amount or duration of an alimony award if a spouse committed adultery.The court can even deny alimony altogether if adultery occurred.

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