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It's kinda like those "What If..." comic book tittles you see now and again about your favorite super hero if they didn't turn out the way they did kinda thing.

In this case it's about swinging and what if (insert relative or friend here) found out we were swingers?

Funny, I bet secretly many of them wished they could be this open about sexuality and free to let their hair down and be able to talk and participate with other adults in this way.

Ed and Brenda Elitism in the lifestyle - - Bottom line, there are fucktards everywhere you go in life. Some of the nicest people we've ever met have been in the lifestyle and also some of the biggest douche canoes. If someone acts like a complete twatwaffle just ignore them and find someone who is nice.

We've found that for the most part you create your own experience in the lifestyle. - We're celebrating our 15th wedding anniversary all weekend, we started Wednesday night with our private dinner and a Vegas show, Of course Thursday is T-day so family time, Friday is party time with friends, a dinner with everyone and a party at the swingers club later that night. If anyone is in Vegas they can join us, we wish we lived in Utah though, so many people there Vegas - Any venue like the Draper Manor worthy of a visit - - Here's the winter 2013 Life Style magazine you can download for FREE. I have not had a problem with the overly generous tolerance of SMs on this site, but lately it seems like SMs are getting out of control.

Developing a thick skin is a really good way to survive and thrive in this little hobby of ours. Besides page 26 mention of the sin city swing clubs [b]Red Rooster[/b] and [b]Swingers Circle Las Vegas[/b] you'll find a "pleth Am I hot or not.... If you have ever been to a nice swinger club in Florida, you will see the difference between Friday (SMs welcome) and Saturday nights (couples only).

swingtown - a new show on cbs - We loved it as well. The reason: the SM "Towel Sharks" circle around the play areas looking to watch couples and maybe even get some for themselves.

We assume, as of after "Dancing with a stars" dancing school were packed, after a few episodes of SWINGTOWN, Swingers clubs will be getting a new crowd. Sometimes the SMs get so aggressive with the couples, it often creates conflicts and drives couples away.

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Of course, many SMs are nice guys who lay low and don't cause problems. In our book (and probably the majority of other reasonable people's opinions) SWINGERS are "couples" looking for other "couples". Hanging around here, perving on pics, and hoping for some strange, does not make you a SWINGER! It has been been accepted that animals including humans typically do not behave for the good of the species as a number one priority but rather to leave as many copies of their genes into the next generation as possible. Sex is more important to humans than the social good but being socially good and getting sex can go together. So sex is more important to us than being polite and proper, except that we humans have a drive for the sexual behavior, while at the same time, sometimes choosing to keep our genes to ourselves.And the analogy to a few bad apples applies to everyone.Why do you think single males get such a bad rap in swinging?As long as you (or anyone else) doesn't feel like someone should fuck you just because you both happen to be swingers then everything should be fine.There is absolutely no reason for anyone not to be nice, pleasant and accepting of anyone else in the lifestyle as long as doing so doesn't give the false impression that you are automatically going to fuck them.

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