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Although at times controversial, the Community Leader program arguably played a substantial role in the rapid growth and success of the America Online service in the mid-1990s.Because they were usually recruited from the more active users of a particular online forum, Community Leaders were often very passionate about the area for which they volunteered their time.

Without unpaid volunteers, the company would have to hire employees to manage and post online content and run effective online communities previously done by Community Leaders.

When AOL first started the program it charged for access to its services by the hour, thus Community Leaders, i.e.

those who were heavy Internet users saved hundreds of dollars each month. Department of Labor investigated the report, but came to no conclusions, officially closing the investigation in 2001.

This enthusiasm usually resulted in a greater sense of community and a higher level of professionalism in that forum.

This in turn gave the AOL service more value over the less organized "frontier" of the Internet, at least in the eyes of users new to the online scene at the time.

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